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Meditation San Jose is coming to Northern California ::  The San Jose Mindfulness and Insight Meditation Class - Learn to Meditate Today at San Jose Meditation!

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Date: 12 Week Online
Meditation Class -  Available Today

Ttle: Practical Meditation Home
Study Course

Location: Your home, ipod or computer

Cost: $197 for limited time


San Jose Meditation Home Study Course

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Date: Saturday Jan 11, 2014, 10am to 4pm

Title: Mindful Meditation Workshop

Where: Los Gatos Acupuncture and Qigong Center
761 University Ave, Suite A
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Cost: $79

During this course you will experience first hand how meditation creates a simple but powerful flow that enriches all aspects of your life; body, mind, & spirit. Join us and learn to meditate!

Mindfulness is not thinking, interpreting, or evaluating; it is an awareness of perception. It is a nonjudgmental quality of mind which does not anticipate the future or reflect back on the past.

Any activity can be done with mindfulness. Talking on the telephone, cleaning your home, driving, working, and exercising can all be incorporated into your mindfulness practice.

Please let us know if you have interest in mindfulness and insight meditation classes in Campbell, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Cupertino, Saratoga and the surrounding South Bay Area.  We also offer private meditation classes for business and corporate clients as well as private meditation coaching for individuals.

Below is a four minute meditation tune-up video to help you relax and release tension. The audio track uses the latest bilateral isochronic tone technology. Headphones are suggested but not required.  Feel free to come back and enjoy this four-minute relaxation break often throughout your day.

Visit our website at  to learn more about our meditation music downloads and meditation products.

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 Did you know that Greg de Vries also runs a "drop in" meditation group in Los Gatos / Campbell? 

Check it out here: Los Gatos and Campbell Meditation Group

What Others Are Saying about the meditation series…

"Meditation was new for me. As a result of this course I’m experiencing a stronger sense of well being, security and a deeper connection to spirit. I enjoy meditating so much now I’m doing it most every day. " ~Christopher S, San Jose

"Wow! Learning to meditate has really helped me make a powerful shift from doing to just being. I can now clearly listen to the wisdom within and I’m feeling more peace and freedom in my life. The course brought everything I ever learned about meditation to life."
~Beth H, San Jose

“I have been meditating since 1970. This class is the most effective one I have ever taken. The class gave me the keys to live from my 'Spiritual Essence’ and be easy on myself in the process. Every day I am feeling more of the love, joy and peace I was always looking for. I can’t say enough about this class.” ~Davie Pfaffle, Author

"I've studied Zen and other forms of meditation for over 10 years. This class was the missing piece. It beautifully integrated all the esoteric teachings and brought them into perspective. I finally know what I'm doing and why." ~Jean L. San Jose

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