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San Jose Meditation Class - Learn to Meditate in San Jose Today!

Meditation Instructors

Greg de Vries

Meditation Coach - Greg de Vries

Greg de Vries is a Certified Meditation Instructor who has greatly improved the lives of hundreds of students through his practical and simple meditation training courses and also is the founder and webmaster of My Meditation Coach and Meditation Review. Greg has been using creative visualization, self-hypnosis, mindfulness and meditation to create his life since 1992.  Greg’s first company, DeVries Data Systems Inc, was recognized as the 35th fastest growing company in North America, with 7,340% revenue growth for the period of 1994 to 1998. His company was also listed as the 3rd fastest growing company in Silicon Valley for three years in a row during that same period.

As a successful entrepreneur and investor Greg understands first hand just how powerful a regular meditation practice can be. Consistent and regular meditation has enabled Greg to find and expand that sometimes elusive balance between success and fulfillment.

Greg received his degree in Decision and Information Sciences from Santa Clara University in 1989. He received his certification to teach meditation by Transformation Meditation Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida and also received his credentials as a Certified Meditation Instructor from the American Institute of Health Care Professionals in Warren, Ohio. He is also a Certified Hypnotist with the AFL-CIO Hypnotherapists Union Local 472 and an active member of the American Hypnosis Association.

When not running his various companies, Greg spends his time as a transformational life coach, private meditation coach, author, public speaker, webmaster and evangelist for meditation and creative visualization.  Greg is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and a member of the American Hypnosis Association

Brett Jennings

Meditation Instructor - Brett Jennings

Brett Jennings is a contributing author of  Brett personally trained and worked with both Anthony Robbins and Dr. Deepak Chopra and has been teaching meditation and stress management strategies on behalf of the Chopra Center for Well Being since 1999. His in depth study and pursuit of meditation led him on several trips around the world to study with both well known and esoteric masters. He has been practicing and teaching meditation for over 14 years. 

 Having successfully founded and sold two different companies himself, Brett’s business background enables him to make meditation accessible to anyone that find themselves immersed in today’s hectic work environment. His warm and enthusiastic approach to meditation makes your learning experience fun and enjoyable. Brett holds a Bachelor of Science degree in combined sciences from Santa Clara University.

 When he is not teaching meditation, Brett spends his time as a real estate consultant and investor. He lives in San Jose, California with his wife (Rebecca) and daughter, Ava.

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What Others Are Saying about the meditation series…

"Meditation was new for me. As a result of this course I’m experiencing a stronger sense of well being, security and a deeper connection to spirit. I enjoy meditating so much now I’m doing it most every day. " ~Christopher S, San Jose

"Wow! Learning to meditate has really helped me make a powerful shift from doing to just being. I can now clearly listen to the wisdom within and I’m feeling more peace and freedom in my life. The course brought everything I ever learned about meditation to life."
~Beth H, San Jose

“I have been meditating since 1970. This class is the most effective one I have ever taken. The class gave me the keys to live from my 'Spiritual Essence’ and be easy on myself in the process. Every day I am feeling more of the love, joy and peace I was always looking for. I can’t say enough about this class.” ~Davie Pfaffle, Author

"I've studied Zen and other forms of meditation for over 10 years. This class was the missing piece. It beautifully integrated all the esoteric teachings and brought them into perspective. I finally know what I'm doing and why." ~Jean L. San Jose

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