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Meditation Mats, Cushions and Benches

What Others Are Saying about the meditation series…

"Meditation was new for me. As a result of this course I’m experiencing a stronger sense of well being, security and a deeper connection to spirit. I enjoy meditating so much now I’m doing it most every day. " ~Christopher S, San Jose

"Wow! Learning to meditate has really helped me make a powerful shift from doing to just being. I can now clearly listen to the wisdom within and I’m feeling more peace and freedom in my life. The course brought everything I ever learned about meditation to life."
~Beth H, San Jose

“I have been meditating since 1970. This class is the most effective one I have ever taken. The class gave me the keys to live from my 'Spiritual Essence’ and be easy on myself in the process. Every day I am feeling more of the love, joy and peace I was always looking for. I can’t say enough about this class.” ~Davie Pfaffle, Author

"I've studied Zen and other forms of meditation for over 10 years. This class was the missing piece. It beautifully integrated all the esoteric teachings and brought them into perspective. I finally know what I'm doing and why." ~Jean L. San Jose

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